Semiahmoo Old Boys

Snowcaps 30 - 10 SOBS
10 Apr 2016 - 13:00Klahanie Park – 305 Klahanie Court, West Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3P5

A beautiful day for rugby. The SOBs came to the Shore to try and break the run at the Fortress. It was a good turnout by Snowcaps old and … well, less old. 

The bad: We started the day at a disadvantage, with three stalwarts unable to play in the big game. The current pres was out with injury, the past pres was away on a sunset extravaganza weekend and Jimmy H was out with a serious knee injury. It was going to take a tall order to replace the skill and experience lost. Even worse news, was that Jim L was unable to provide us with one of his outstanding feasts.
The good: We had two new and one not so new additions to our team. Craig Rice and Ian Thomson came and played their first games as Snowcaps – welcome to the fold gents! Batman also came to play today and played like he was trying to make up for missed games.
The ugly: Well, there was no ugly. On an unrelated note, Nick was away on a sunset weekend. Something about spending his birthday with his family. 
It was a tightly contested match with hard running and great defense by both teams. Our scrum was solid, Dan, Dave A, Dazza and Ian played front row and demolished their scrum. Kent, Hammer, John K and Walshy were in the engine room. Batman, Slipper of the Yard, Craig G and Jimmy M (back from playing with trains up north)  were the back three. 
Andrew W and Reid were the half back combination, Jmore, Dave McD and Mike J the centers. Ivan, Jason C and Kevin OC played wing. Gerard and Dederic played last line of attack. Brian came out and started for the SOBs. Hats off to Mike J, John K, Craig G and David A and Brian who played some of the match for the SOBs. 
The game was hard and fast and for the first quarter either team could have taken the lead. Reid had a cracker and after some swift handling between Reid and Jmore, Dave McD ran in the first try of the day. I blinding run, skipping between 3 or 4 tacklers. The SOBs equalized shortly thereafter. After the kick off and some pressure on their line, Reid chipped the ball over their line and Jason C ran in to touch down only the for the ref to call a knock on. The TV review was inconclusive. More tough tackling and crisp passing and Reid and Jmore both ran in for a score each. Half time score was 3-2.
The second half started and the boys carried on in the same spirit. Tries by Reid, Kevin OC and Batman resulted in the final score being 6-2. Reid’s offload behind his back for Kevin’s try and Dedric’s try saving tackle against their outside center were two of the more memorable highlights during the half. John R did a great job keeping the game in order. Thanks John.
It was a good win with the final score not reflecting the physical contest. Just as well next week is a bye before our last home game of the season against Nanaimo.
Dan was Man of the Match and lost the boat race. Someone tall, with a mustache and a way with words pointed out the irony of losing a drinking competition when you own a bar. A kings meal was provided by Kent, Mike J and Dave A who smoked three turkeys. Thank you gents.