Nanaimo Yoos To Bees

Snowcaps 5 - 1 Nanaimo
01 Mar 2015 - 13:00Klahanie Park

Last sunday Nanaimo produced 8 players, borrowed 7 of ours and the game was on. We had our new highly paid coach “The Sod Father” lording over his 1st game. He definitely proved his point, he knows nothing about rugby or coaching. Following his game plan we endeavoured with all our skill to lose the game but came up short.

Thanks go to those who crossed the line, many do on any given occasion, but playing for the opposition is not everyones 1st choice. Playing on opposing teams, Jim Mossop mentioned Mike J was very irritating and Mike did mention that Jimmy cheats a lot. Apart from all these asides it was the Earls show, removed from his favoured position  (doggy style) and playing at break he managed a couple of tries, one a charge down, tackled, pirouetted and performed fellatio all without his obligatory hamstring pull. He did win man of the match as was given, an apparently coveted head ornament, who’s only possible purpose would be to make you look like a twat. He then proceeded to cement that opinion by drinking like a girl in the down down.
Dave the Shademaker pushed a few unimportant fatties out of the way to plop down for a biggie and Woody unselfishly passed to himself and scored as well.  Mike J scored for the opposition, but by that stage everyone was in the change room (according to Jim), and didn’t see him—————what is it with these two?