Abbotsford Originals

Snowcaps 5 - 2 Abbottsford Originals
08 Mar 2015 - 13:00Klahanie Park

When you are playing ” the Christian State ” you either practice random kindness & senseless acts of beauty or you go for degradation and ultimate  destruction, which was the option decided upon. Still smarting from their first loss in years at their place against their Northern nemesis, they came looking for revenge, and they were obviously under the impression that size matters (not in my house).We had an average pack weight of 1,623 lbs whilst there’s was a staggering 1,928 lbs, dropping to 1,710 when their full back played blind side flanker, & you question my coaching credentials, I would never put a full back at flanker, they just aren’t good looking enough.

Our ranks were bolstered by some former players of distinction who were obviously ready to rumble against players they had locked horns with on previous occasions some years ago. Bob Bremner & Nicky B. were formidable in the backs, crashing into the enemy & cheekily off loading when the game needed a cheeky off load. Barry & Stacey added pace & tenacity to the forwards and the “Caped Crusaders” Batman & Robin were smashing & grabbin ‘ just for fun. Ben was denied a try due to some dubious refereeing & he made some big hits, notably demolishing their big ugly Kiwi 2nd rower.  Our rotating front row had a battle on their hands but they came out on top, with Jim Leith winning our M.O.M. with some supreme scrummaging. Daz,Beirut & Raging Reno were constantly  rampaging & half man half leaping salmon was back on hand to show why he is still the best in the business, catching half of their line out balls just because he can.

Babak, (sorry if the spelling is suspect! ) sportingly suited up for the fundamentalists & had a great game for them ,despite two big hits from former club mates. As far as the score it was roughly 5-2 , give or take 2 tries for either side. As far as who scored for us, I’m not sure, however I do remember Dougie brilliantly side stepping their full back to score what will probably go down in history as the best try ever scored against a man with flames on his shorts. Adrian remarked that he rarely sees shorts with flames on, anywhere outside a Davie Street nite club & Dedric concurred.

I have just remembered that our new winger, Woody, scored a good try on the far side & Jim Mossop was in the right place at the right time to benefit from an off load from one of the new lads & ran in for a score. As far as our other tries, all I know is that they were brilliant.

Dedric’s reffing was decent, Jim’s food sublime & Abbotsford now affords us the respect we deserve, as we are the only team to have done the double against them.