Northwest Old Boys

NOBs 3 - 2 Snowcaps
16 Nov 2014 - 13:00Magnuson Rugby Park

It wasn’t dark at all as we headed for Seattle shedding players like dandruff. By Thursday, our 37 strong Coffee Mate cup squad had dwindled to 16 and by the time we hit Seattle we were down to 11 with 4 of us over 60. Seattle loaned us 4, including an O/60 with knees worse than Nicks and ankles worse than Adrian’s, but half the number of excuses. They also loaned us a Robo Cop clone who was very handy and didn’t seem to like them very much.

Seattle had a youngish squad of about 24 and didn’t think we needed any subs, so there was general amazement when we scored the first try through Big Jake, they seemed a little reluctant to tackle him, so its possible money or unspeakable services changed hands. They scored next, then our Clone got one. The final score was 3-2 to Seattle, with Serge touching down for a try that was dis-allowed due to an obscure curling law or because he’s A Saffer.

I can’t think of anyone who had a poor game ( well I can, but I’m not going to mention my name) and we kept them pinned in our half with an amazing variety of shanked kicks and panicky passes. Dave Walsh was spectacular in the line outs, still playing to laws that were out of date in the 60’s. Players who were outstanding, Big Dave, Dazza, Stirfry, Serge, Jake, Andrew, Exocet, Mike J, Jim H and Ken R they all made the trip.

I was pleasantly surprised in the showers (As I always am), that my new soap container that I had left 8 months previously was still there with the new bar of soap still in it. That’s all, as we’ve had complaints that our reports are in danger of crashing the internet and a cascading effect bringing down the postal service, electricity and beaver colonies globally.
Driving into the sunset (well somewhere there was one) I thought, fucking awesome!